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Here you can explore what equipment Highly Visual has and uses.  Please contact us for rental rates.  If we don't have it we may be able to source it for you.


Drones and DIT

Inspire 3 Drone (5 Sets of batteries)

M600 Pro Heavy Lift Drone with ronin MX Gimbal (24 Batteries)

Mavic 3 Pro Cine Drone (8 Batteries)

Mavic 3 Cine Drone (8 Batteries)

Mavic 2 Pro Drone (5 Batteries)

2 x Inspire 2 Drones (16 Batteries)

Dji Cendence Remote Control

Crystal Sky Monitor

X5S Camera, complete set of Lenses and ND Filters

CinemaDNG and ProRes Raw Keys

TB50 Battery Station

DIT Equipment

Apple MacBook Pro

Hedge offload software License Key


Cameras and Sound


Sony FX6 Camera

Sony FX3 Camera

GoPro 9

GoPro 10

Nikon D700 (Timelapse)

Atomos Ninja V+ recorder

Atomos Shinobi Monitor



Sony 200-600 F5.6-6.3

Sony 1.4 X Extender

Sony 70-200 F4

Sony 85 F1.8

Sony 50 F1.8

Samyang 24 F1.8

Sigma 24-70 2.8 Art

Tokina 17-35 F2.8


Sound Equipment

Sound Devices MixPre 3ii

Rode NTG 4 Microphone

Sony Lapel Mic

Rode Boom Pole

Rode Blimp

DJI Mic (Radio Mic with 2 Tx)


Grip and Vehicles


2 x LED light panels

CineeyePro 2 Transmitter and Receiver

Syrp Genie Motion Control System

Syrup Magic carpet Slider

Honda EU20IS generator

1:5 Scale 4x4 buggy with Kessler Killshock Isolator

RC Boat with GoPro Mounts

Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mount

DJI RS2 Gimbal



4X4 Expedition Truck for remote filming

RangeRover Classic Filming configured vehicle.

Toyota Rav4

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