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Stock Footage

Highly Visual is excited to announce the new release of Stock Footage.

This is best viewed on a desktop or laptop.

All footage is shot in 4K or higher resolution.  Filmed by licensed drone op and camera operator.  There is a search feature in the top right,  Quite a high proportion of footage is filmed off-speed - you can adjust the playback speed on the player or download the watermarked clip. 


There is also a dropbox folder which has a copy of the complete archive at 1080p for offline selection.  This folder automatically updates when new shots are added to the collection.  Please send an email to request access.

You can view our FAQs below or contact us for any other questions at all. 

Aerial Archive

This is currently mostly wildlife and conservation areas, but is constantly growing and will eventually include cityscapes and communities.  More than 1200 clips and growing..

Long Lens Archive

Long lens footage from all over Kenya shot mostly in Slog3 at 4K

Archive Request Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

Highly Visual Archive Guidelines and FAQs


How do I find what I’m looking for?

Most files are named according to camera, location, season (Wet or Dry) and a brief description. The Vimeo search interface is a little clunky so wide searches will yield the best results. For example - if you are looking for an elephant herd walking in Amboseli you could search for “ANP elephant walk”. The search feature is in the top right of the aerial or long lens showcase page.

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

Please fill in a footage request form and we will see if we can find anything that meets your criteria or we will bear in mind your requirements and try and get the shots you need.

What are the Location abbreviations?

ANP - Amboseli National Park
BNR - Lake Bogoria National Reserve

LM - Lake Magadi
LN - Lake Naivasha

MK - Mount Kenya
MNR - Mara National Reserve
MT - Mara Triangle
NAC - Namunyak Conservancy
NBI - Nairobi and surrounds

NNP - Nairobi National Park
RES - Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

SHNR - Shaba National Reserve
SNR - Samburu National Reserve
TE - Tsavo East
TW - Tsavo West
RR - Rukinga, Tsavo

WAT - Watamu, Coast Province

What are the camera abbreviations?

X5S - Inspire 2 with X5S Camera (Generally available as Cinema DNG)

M2P - Mavic 2 Pro (Normally shot in log H265)
M3P - Mavic 3 Cine (Normally shot at 5.2K in Log)
M3C - Mavic 3 Cine (Normally shot at 5.2K in Log)

FX3 - Sony FX3

FX6 - Sony FX6

The Clip seems too fast why is this?

Some clips are filmed off speed (at 50FPS or more) but are playing back realtime. You can either change the playback speed on the player or you can download the clip and check the frame rate.

The clip seems too bright/dark or has too much contrast - can anything be done?

Most footage is filmed in Log, but a LUT has been applied to the watermarked files to make them easier to use. There will be a lot of latitude in the grade for any clips purchased as the original files will be supplied.

Can I download footage to see how it looks in my timeline?

You can download individual watermarked clips from the Vimeo interface. Alternatively you can request access to our offline Dropbox folder which contains all watermarked clips at 1080.

How much does footage cost?

For high end broadcast productions the standard cost is approximately $450 per clip (non exclusive) or $100 per second (exclusive). Lesser rates or pro-bono rates will be considered for non exclusive use of clips for education or student film makers on a case by case basis.

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